Behind boardsix.

Wake up. Get ready. Long commute. Work. Longer commute. Home. Maybe a bit of news. Hopefully dinner. Bed. Repeat.

All too frequently, this has become the life five of the seven days of the week for many young professionals. In the midst of common expressions such as “I’m too busy,” and “There aren’t enough hours in the day,” we want to revitalize the pleasure, energy, and excitement commonly derived from new, shared experiences. These sentiments demonstrate exactly what we seek to not only build but also cultivate through our book club, and more broadly boardsix.

Boardsix is a meeting of young professionals who enjoy diverse thought, food, and the company of (wanna-be) bibliophiles. More than a book club, boardsix celebrates and creates bonds over art, reflection, and discourse.

The first book we’ve selected for our book club is The Conversation: How Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships by Hill Harper. In The Conversation, Harper outlines our blog’s very mission, “[we’re] sharing this journey, and the lessons [we’ve] learned while on it, in hopes of inspiring all of us to communicate with one another. In doing so, [we] hope we can reintroduce ourselves” as young professionals with deepened perspective and appreciation for culture and discovery.

While we’ll share our boardsix book club discussions each month, we encourage you to check in more frequently as we will bring you behind boardsix.


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